Sandblasting is an abrasive removal technique that’s often used to expose the aggregate beneath concrete or to remove grime, dirt, and paint. It can be difficult to get a consistent finish on nooks, crannies, and corners, but our team of concrete sandblasting experts specializes in the evaluation of these surfaces. Here, you’ll learn how we use sandblasting techniques to remove paint from concrete.

The Sandblasting Process

Sandblasting involves the vigorous application of rough particles to a surface. While it’s like sanding in that abrasives are used, it’s different in that the particles are applied at high speeds. These techniques are used to:

  • Prepare surfaces for coating or painting
  • Remove rust and paint from metal and concrete
  • Remove mold from plastics
  • Texture stamped surfaces to change their appearance
  • Give machine components a smooth edge profile

Depending on surface treatment requirements, different abrasives such as plastic, crushed glass, walnut shells, glass beads, ceramic dust, steel grit, or aluminum oxide are used. We’ll select the abrasive for your project based on the condition of the concrete and the medium’s density, texture, and shape.

We use a wide range of equipment for sandblasting, including:

  • Robotic systems
  • Cabinets
  • Automatic equipment

Our choice of equipment depends on the project’s requirements and the desired surface treatment. Concrete sandblasting jobs fall into two categories: wet and dry. While wet blasting is common and involves the use of a high-speed stream of water mixed with abrasives to achieve a rough surface, dry blasting uses air and is more dangerous.

Is it Safe to Do My Own Concrete Sandblasting?

It’s very dangerous to try sandblasting with DIY methods. During the process, users may be exposed to toxic silica dust, and it’s important to take safety precautions to prevent overexposure. An experienced, professional sandblasting service like Precision Finishing has the equipment and skills to safely sandblast your concrete services. We have everything needed to do the job without putting you or your family at risk of lung disease, silica toxicity, or injury.

The Advantages of Sandblasting as a Paint Removal Method

As we attempt to answer questions on the removal of paint by sandblasting, it’s crucial to consider the technique’s benefits. These include:

  • Ease. While it’s important to leave paint removal to the pros, the job itself isn’t difficult. We’ll put a protective layer under the surface to be treated, and strip away unwanted paint using our professional-grade equipment. Our straightforward cleanup processes get surfaces ready for use quickly, so there’s no need to wait weeks for results.
  • Adaptability. Sandblasting is a versatile technique that can be adapted to suit various purposes. Our equipment can be used to strip pavement, polish surfaces, remove dirt, and yes, remove paint. Whether your painted surface is strong or delicate, we can get it clean.
  • Safety. As our world becomes more environmentally conscious, sandblasting is emerging as an eco-friendly, sustainable paint removal solution. Because we use sand instead of dust-producing materials, our methods are completely non-toxic.

Whether you’re stripping the paint from a large area of concrete or a small one, we want to help. Request more information online or call Precision Finishing today to schedule an estimate.

Why Sandblasting Works to Remove Paint From Concrete

As many of us have discovered, it’s tough to remove paint from most surfaces, especially those that are heavily coated or were painted long ago. The use of chemical stripping compounds comes with numerous restrictions, and there’s always a chance that they won’t finish the job. It’s hard to attain perfect results when repainting a surface that hasn’t been fully stripped, but when we sandblast the paint off your concrete, there are no such worries.

Sandblasting is a safe, effective way to remove paint from concrete. It’s not as labor-intensive as other methods, and it’s far less time-consuming. Our sandblasting equipment can get into the tightest crevices, which is almost impossible to do with manual sanding techniques.

Things to Consider When Sandblasting Concrete

When stripping paint from concrete surfaces, sandblasting is a great choice because it eliminates algae, mold, mildew, dust, and dirt along with the paint. With our attention to detail and our thorough methods, we’ll leave your concrete surfaces clean, paint-free, and ready for additional treatment.

Older concrete surfaces and those that are heavily embellished may not stand up to the high pressure and abrasives used in sandblasting. When you hire us for paint removal, we’ll evaluate your concrete surfaces and make recommendations on the best way to get the job done. If we determine that sandblasting is the right choice, we’ll show you how to do it without damaging the surface.

Sandblasting Surfaces Other Than Concrete

Many of our customers call us when they need help removing painted lines from concrete parking lots, but we’re equally at home in residential settings. We can remove paint from:

  • Brick. Not only will we strip the paint from your brick work, we’ll leave it looking fresh and clean.
  • Cast iron. Cast iron fences and railings are aesthetically pleasing, but when they’re painted, chipping, peeling, and flaking may occur. Our sandblasting techniques will remove problematic paint and get the surface ready for its next treatment.
  • Wood. It’s quite common for painted wooden surfaces to fade with time. With our gentle methods, we can remove faded paint and prepare wooden surfaces for repainting or staining.

Though we specialize in removing paint from concrete, we can get the job done on other surfaces around your home or business. Call or click today to learn how we can help.

Our Equipment

Depending on the nature of the job and the surface to be cleaned, we may use hoppers, nozzles, guns, and other equipment. In most cases, though, our setup will consist of a nozzle, a water or air hose, and a hopper in which the blasting medium is held. This equipment is very powerful, which makes it an ideal choice for cleaning concrete surfaces with multiple coats of paint. While smaller, less powerful machines would take longer to do the same job—and would be more likely to fail—our sandblasting equipment is ready to tackle the toughest paint stripping jobs.

Sandblasting Materials

Where concrete sandblasting is concerned, the materials we use are a bit different than you might expect. We don’t use the kind of sand you’d find on the beach; rather, we use a dry, fine, and consistent mixture. Because we use such high-quality blasting media, we can guarantee better results.

Our Safety Practices and Recommendations

Though we try to be as careful as possible, the dust created during sandblasting can be a health hazard. We always use PPE, including respirators and goggles, to protect our lungs and our eyes during the process. While we’re working, we’ll ask that you keep children and pets away from the area to minimize the risk of serious injury.

We’re Patient and Thorough

While our methods safely and effectively remove paint from concrete, it’s important to be thorough. If, for any reason, we don’t get all the paint off the concrete the first time, we’ll keep at it until the job is finished. When you hire the pros at Precision Finishing, you’re sure to get the results you want.

Are You Searching for Concrete Sandblasting Services? Make an Informed Decision

By now, you’ve learned that sandblasting is one of the best ways to remove paint from concrete and other surfaces. Though concrete is durable, it still needs care, and it’s important to find a sandblasting company that will test surfaces, choose the right techniques, and use its equipment safely. When hiring a sandblaster, consider these factors.

  • Licensing and certification. Your concrete surfaces are too important to trust to just anyone. In stripping them of paint, it’s best to choose a service provider with the right licensing and certifications for the job.
  • Insurance coverage. Though we make every effort to prevent them, accidents sometimes happen. With our solid insurance coverage, we, you, and your property are protected if something goes wrong.
  • Reputation in the community. We work and live in the areas we serve, so we strive to offer high-quality services that fit our brand image.
  • Experience. Not only do we have the equipment and supplies to handle any sandblasting job, but we also have the experience to get things done. Because we’ve done so many paint removals, we’re in a unique position to offer top-quality service at a reasonable price.

Though a quick internet search will likely turn up several sandblasting service providers, we want to be your first call. At Precision Finishing, we have years of experience in the Tulsa area. Thanks to our trained team and advanced equipment, safety and efficiency are guaranteed.

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