Sandblasting Services for Commercial and Residential Needs

From the light touch needed for residential treasures to the rigorous demands of industrial gear, our sandblasting services cover it all. We deliver tailored solutions that meet the needs of every project, no matter the scope or size.


We handle the demands of industrial environments with ease. We specialize in cleaning and etching surfaces of machinery, equipment, and large structures, preparing them for their next phase of use or treatment.


Our services are perfect for preparing car parts, wheels, and frames. This ensures they are primed and ready for painting or coating. This process is ideal for both restoration enthusiasts and automotive professionals.


In the commercial realm, we focus on enhancing the appearance and texture of retail fixtures and displays. Our detailed approach ensures that commercial spaces maintain their aesthetic appeal and functionality.


For residential projects, we take special care in reviving the appearance of items like metal fences, ornaments, and railings. Our gentle yet effective technique ensures a flawless finish, rejuvenating the charm of home items.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a process that involves propelling fine particles at high speeds onto a surface to clean it or prepare it for further work.

How It Works

  • Choosing the Right Material: While it’s called sandblasting, we don’t always use sand. Depending on the job, we might use different materials like glass beads, steel grit, or even walnut shells. The choice depends on how tough the surface is and what we’re trying to achieve. For example, glass beads are gentler and perfect for polishing, while steel grit is more aggressive, great for removing heavy rust.
  • The Blasting Process: These particles are then propelled at high speeds using compressed air or a blasting machine. Think of it as a super-powerful pressure-washer, but with particles instead of water.
  • Cleaning and Preparing Surfaces: When these particles hit the surface, they blast away rust, paint, or any other coating, leaving it clean and roughened up a bit. This roughness is actually useful because it helps the next coat of paint or finish stick better, similar to manual sanding.
  • Creating the Ideal Surface: The end result is a surface that’s not only clean but also better suited for painting, coating, or even welding. This makes sandblasting an efficient preparation step for many kinds of projects.

The right sandblasting technique is a blend of science and art, ensuring that whether it’s a delicate or tough surface, we approach it with the right method for the perfect result.

The Benefits of Sandblasting

Sandblasting is more than just surface cleaning; it’s a crucial step in preparation and restoration. This technique efficiently removes impurities, paint, rust, and other coatings to prepare surfaces for further treatment, offering many benefits:

  • Surface Perfection: Prepares surfaces impeccably, ensuring optimal adhesion for subsequent coatings or treatments.
  • Many Applications: Effectively cleans and smooths a wide range of materials, from metals to delicate surfaces, adapting to different project needs.
  • Efficiency: Rapidly removes rust, old paint, and contaminants, saving time and effort compared to manual methods.

Partnering With Precision Finishing

Choosing Precision Finishing means opting for industry-leading sandblasting expertise:

  • Diverse Media Selection: With 8 different blasting medias, we expertly match the right material to each project for optimal results.
  • Stringent Quality Checks: Every project undergoes rigorous quality control to meet our high standards.
  • Tailored Customer Service: We focus on understanding and meeting your unique needs, ensuring customer satisfaction is always a priority.

Our commitment to excellence in every task ensures your project receives the best sandblasting treatment available.

Technology and Equipment

We believe in combining skilled craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. Our state-of-the-art sandblasting equipment is at the core of our high-quality services. With tools like our expansive blast cabinets and a 12×50 blast room, we have the right tools for projects of any size.

  • Versatility: Capable of handling a wide range of materials and project sizes.
  • Efficiency: Advanced machinery allows for quicker turnaround times without sacrificing quality.
  • Precision: Our equipment is designed to provide the utmost precision in every sandblasting task.

This fusion of technology and expertise ensures that every surface we treat is prepared to perfection, ready for the next phase of finishing.

Starting Your Sandblasting Project

Starting your sandblasting project with Precision Finishing is a straightforward process. We’re dedicated to making your experience as seamless as possible.

Steps to begin your project:

  • Initial Contact: Reach out to us over the phone or by filling out our form.
  • Custom Quote: Receive a tailored quote that reflects the scope and requirements of your project.
  • Project Kick-off: Upon agreement, we’ll begin the process of sandblasting, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Precision Sandblasting Services: The Foundation of Excellence

Our sandblasting services are more than just a preparation step; they are a foundation for excellence in finishing.

Our commitment to using advanced technology, our experience across industries, and our focus on customer satisfaction make us the ideal choice for your sandblasting project.

For more information or to start a conversation about a project, reach out today and let’s get started.